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Engineering Services

AeroControl, Inc. specializes in the design, analysis, and implementation of aerospace guidance, navigation, and control systems and simulations. AeroControl principals and our associated consultants can provide a wide variety of expert services in the following areas:

Example Analysis products:

  • Root locus
  • Simulation time response


Flight Control Systems

  • Preliminary design and architecture
  • Specify hardware requirements for sensors, actuators, and computers
  • Synthesize autopilot control laws
  • Control system stability and robustness analysis
  • Implement designs in real time software
  • Design flight tests, analyze flight test data

Flight Avionics Systems

  • Attitude and heading reference systems
  • Integrated navigation systems: GPS, inertial, airdata, magnetic, + others
  • Command and telemetry funcitons
  • Complete avionics systems integration and test
  • Data bus and message design and test

Custom 2D and 3D Visualization
and Displays

Real Time Embedded Software

  • Realtime operating system implementation and tuning
  • Wide range of device drivers: serial, CAN, Ethernet, ARINC 429, SPI, I2C, analog
  • Highly-integrated application code with multiple tasks
  • Software coding to DO-178 B standards

Modeling and Simulation of Dynamics Systems

  • Develop mathematical models of complex dynamic systems
  • Develop models of sensors, actuators, and signals
  • Build nonlinear vehicle simulations for aircraft, satellites, rockets, ground and marine vehicles in both C++ and Simulink
  • Build and integrate real time hardware-in-the-loop simulations