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Integral 2x Flight Control System

AeroControl Integral 2X AutoPilot

AeroControl’s Flight Management System contains all functionality needed to measure, fly, control and command an Unmanned Air Vehicle.  The autopilot is the core of the system, the Integral 2X.  The AeroControl autopilot was designed for use on medium weight UAVs of 10 lbs. or larger and supports many kinds of autonomous launches, including hand and rail launches.

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With a FPGA software design, the Integral 2X is the only autopilot on the market that facilitates updates to your UAV system, making it optimal for fast-changing CPU environments.  There are two separate, interconnected flight processors – one for vehicle management and one for customer use (such as payload management).  With 16 Gigabytes of onboard removable storage and with flexible abundant I/O capability (62 I/O pins), the AeroControl autopilot can easily be customized and reconfigured.  A software kit for modifications and upgrades is available.

This flight management system offers full flight plan support with 3D navigation, circular loiter, and real-time re-tasking for yaw, pitch and roll series. It includes an integrated GPS-aided attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) with graceful degradation upon loss of GPS.  AeroControl has performed environmental testing, which includes temperature, vibration, shock and preliminary EMI testing. 
The AeroControl autopilot has flown on three different UAV platforms, with hundreds of successful flights to date.  It can easily and quickly be reconfigured for other drones, rockets, different weapon systems, and other types of aircraft.

AeroControl has ten years of FAA software development experience.

AeroControl has demo units available for test.  If you are interested in trying out a demo autopilot, please click here to send us an email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it