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Control Systems

Control Systems Design

AeroControl has extensive capability to design and implement closed-loop control systems for a wide range of vehicles. Our capabilities include:

  • Building models of complex dynamics systems
  • Control system initial design and proposal support
  • Determining requirements for sensors, actuators, and embedded computers
  • Selecting hardware components that meet the requirements
  • Comprehensive control law synthesis using both linear and nonlinear design methods
  • Implementing control laws in realtime embedded processors
  • Developing realtime signal interfaces form sensors and actuators
  • Evaluating control laws in embedded environments, including data collection and analysis, and control law testing and tuning
  • Development tools include Matlab, Simulink, realtime simulations, and custom data analysis programs

AeroControl’s control systems have been successfully implemented in the following types of vehicles:

  • Manned aircraft – autopilots and flight management systems (certified to DO-178B level B standards)
  • Unmanned aircraft – attitude and navigation systems, autopilots, flight management systems, command and telemetry systems
  • Rockets – autopilots and guidance systems
  • Satellites – satellite attitude control systems

Below are flight test results of an ACI-designed and fielded UAV flight management system which commands an aircraft autopilot to fly a flight plan that includes a two-turn circular loiter pattern: